Proofread 500 Words

Proofread 500 Words


This is a defined and fixed ‘off-the-shelf’ proofreading package. If you are certain it is proofreading of your work you need and not copy-editing, then read on! If you are unsure, then please read the relevant entries on the Proofreading and Copy-Editing service description pages and in the Glossary of Terms.

What you get with this package (depending on applicability)

  1. I go through your document by hand! There are great self-editing tools available online, but they cannot outdo an experienced human eye!

  2. Ensuring a consistent style of spelling, and hyphenation in particular, by following a style guide, if supplied, or by compiling my own.

  3. Watching for omissions and inconsistencies in typography, layout and content, ensuring the content looks right and is logically arranged (but see point ‘3’ in the next section).

  4. Elimination of inelegant or confusing words (if appropriate) and column and page breaks, including 'widows' and 'orphans' – short last or first lines of a paragraph at the top or the bottom of a page, respectively.

  5. Ensuring that illustrations, captions and labels correspond with each other and with the text. Checking page numbers and page headings.

  6. Checking of any table of contents against chapter titles, page numbers and end matter – such as appendices, index, etc.

  7. Checking of grammar and of the following: readability; consistency; pacing; sentence length variation; repeat sentence starts; ‘sticky’ sentences; overused words; repeat words; vague and abstract words; clichés; passive and hidden verbs; subordinate clauses; adverbs; pronoun use; alliterations; transitions; homonyms; acronyms; dialogue use.

  8. Provision of a summary statistics report (by email) on the key findings of your document.

  9. In all cases shown above, identifying necessary changes and marking the proof using Track Changes or another agreed method.

  10. To provide regular progress reports and to be available (by email) to receive requests and comments throughout the length of the assignment.

  11. If necessary, providing up to two further minor revisions following receipt and review by you of the proofread text.

Please be aware that the provision of certain services shown above may not be appropriate or possible with the proofreading of web page/website content. If unsure about applicability, please message me first.


If you need to upload one or more attachments, then please do so by sending an email to the secure and encrypted address by clicking here💾.


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What you do not get with this package (depending on applicability)

  1. Proofreading of any text that is not predominantly in British or American English.

  2. Copy-editing of your text, including extensive rewriting and restructuring, or ghostwriting. These are different services.

  3. Page layout and design, including text and cover image design.

  4. Research (including picture research and the finding of images) or the checking of any factual information.

  5. Checking of the accuracy of any charts, graphs, tables, spreadsheet information, formulae, hypertext links, bibliography and references.

  6. Checking of the accuracy of any reference citation style, e.g., Chicago, Harvard, APA, MHRA, MLA, IEEE, and others.

  7. Indexing of your content.

  8. The seeking of permission from copyright holders on your behalf to use their text and images.

  9. A plagiarism check, unless also purchased with this particular proofreading package.

  10. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) unless also purchased with this particular proofreading package.

  11. Project management services.

What I need from you, and what happens next

  1. Complete the proofreading information request form that appears when you click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button

  2. Upload any file(s) at the location stipulated above the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

  3. You will receive an automated email confirmation for your order. I will follow this up in person with a further email once I have reviewed your order requirements.

  4. Please note - the turnaround date (deadline) for the return of your completed proofread work will be a date that is mutually agreed between us following our initial discussion. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for the assignment, including an allowance for any further revision(s).

Do you also need a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with this service?

If yes, don’t forget to select your digital NDA document in the shop and add it to your basket!

Do you also need a comprehensive plagiarism check with this service?

If yes, don’t forget to select your plagiarism check in the shop and add it to your basket!

Please note:

  • At this time Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents are not supported by this service. Instead, send any file attachment in the following formats: MS .doc. or .docx, or Apple .pages.

  • The price charged for this service is in keeping with the prevailing rate recommended by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). It is the suggested minimum hourly rate, divided by two.

  • You will be prompted to complete a short form disclosing your contact details and proofreading job requirements when you purchase this product. This is necessary to connect the package with a named individual (the purchaser) with a time and date of purchase and to help fulfil your order.


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