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For the love of words.


As the American Benjamin Franklin is famously quoted as saying, "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing (about)". In either case, the power of the message or story will be diminished in some tangible way if the chosen words of expression are poorly written and presented.

Although the best creative writing is occasionally achieved by an unfettered approach and perhaps only a passing nod at the established and generally accepted rules of grammar, it is nonetheless the case that every piece of writing can be tightened and improved to some degree - and often needs to be!

And so, be it a short story, novel, manuscript, screenplay, résumé, cover letter, newsletter, advertisement, brochure/flyer, web page content or the myriad of other things that are written, all can benefit from being proofread and edited. It is a given that every person crafting words should edit and proofread their work at some point, and certainly before they present it to the world!

Regrettably, however, daily examples abound of preventable errors in writing that find their way into the public gaze - including the work of esteemed and respected academics, authors and long-established national newspapers. It is easy to miss errors in one's own work, which is precisely why the services of a professional editor and proofreader are required! My vision is simple - to collaborate with my clients on their writing projects and assignments and aid them with my editorial and proofreading expertise so they may subsequently present their best work to others.

I like what Christina Baker Kline the American novelist had to say about words - "Words are both my vocation and my avocation - reading, writing, editing, teaching". I could not agree more - for the love of words.

* My added word in parentheses.

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J. Taylor-Loftus, Dip.EH.P.NLP
Writer, editor and proofreader

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"James is really efficient! He managed to complete a 21,000-word edit of my dissertation within 4-5 days! I will definitely recommend James to my friends who need editing and proofreading of their work in the future! Thank you, James!" - R. G, MSc student, University of Oxford. (proofreading and editing of an academic dissertation)

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Beautifully crafted handwritten text with embellishments in a book from a monastery in San Millán de la Cogolla, a sparsely populated municipality in La Rioja, Spain. San Millán has a claim to being the birthplace of the Spanish language.

The allure of words keeps us spellbound, whatever the age and regardless of the format in which we connect with them.


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